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Huge fan of Avengers Infinity War or a Captain Marvel admirer? How about custom-fitting superhero jackets just like the one your favorite superhero wore during the best action scene? Well, browse through our collection to find the better-than-the-original product. With your custom hero jackets from Skin Outfits, we know you will be impressing everyone at the Marvel or DC fan fest. With some premium outfits designed for you, you can finally ditch all the visits to the embarrassing costume section at the Dollar store.

Replicas That Beat The Odds

Wondering if you could wear these at a Halloween party at your friend’s house? Be our guest! With the best-quality superhero jackets available at your disposal, you’ll be the savior of the night. Fight crime or make others think you’re the real superhero; slay the party with your killer style and iconic fashion taste. The replicas produced here are produced under the supervision of our competent costume designers. With our precise replicas, you don’t need to approach costume designers. We deliver you the finest patterned suits at the best prices in town.

Smart Fitting

Whenever you visit the Comic-con or the film fest, superhero geeks are going to judge you by the outfit you’re wearing. When you wear one of our superhero jackets customized to fit your frame, you become protected with an invisible forcefield. That’s right. You get the power to have all eyes on you. Even the critics will admire the smart costume fitting. Skin Outfits adheres to its ambition to serve quality that makes anyone say WOW. We always use the quality material with robust stitching that becomes one with your body when worn.

Ready-For-Action Looks

Notice how the superheroes fight crime? It’s their suits that become the characteristic feature of their role. Just like that, our professional costume designers and master craftsmen collaborate to create leather costumes to give life to the character. When you put it on, you play the superhero in the real world that’s ready for some action. Even if you’re attending superhero themed parties, birthdays, celebrations, or any other occasion, our jackets will be the most suitable apparel for the occasion.

Incredible Details

It’s easy to point out the faults in a superhero costume when you’re comparing many at the same place. The only suit that makes it to everyone’s favor is the one that contains all the details that the original piece had. If you ask us, we never let any of our superhero jackets go out of our warehouse until we’ve checked and approved for all the details the costume was supposed to have. No matter which cosplay garment you order from our store, you will find it with complete details from the hidden zipper to the impression on the sleeves to the exact color match. Everything will be spot-on; that’s our guarantee.

Durable Material

Superhero costumes lose their spark after a few times of use. But our superhero jackets are different. While we get genuine leather material from the best leather houses in the world, we make sure they are treated at the best tanneries for lasting colors. The quality of thread we use for stitching is of refined quality, which makes the fabric sturdy and solid to the core. We stitch all the pieces right with the design sense intact, so our customers have no doubt finding the perfect piece. With such hard work and dedication, we only choose the material that could be used to create the finest jackets at affordable rates. Once you have it in your hands, just follow our after-care instructions to keep this memorable piece last long.

Something For Everyone

Skin Outfits knows what its customers need. We give them custom size options with a detailed measurement chart to help them figure their size out. If your size isn’t listed, you can always contact us to have it adjusted. We’ll do it all to make you look super cool in your costume no matter what the occasion. With the right fitting, our product will give you ultimate comfort even if you wear it all day. Just grab our awesome jacket and live the character of your favorite superhero at its best.

Spider Man Far From Home Tuxedo


Ben Affleck Dunkin Donuts Tracksuit

Original price was: $199.00.Current price is: $118.00.

HBCU Emblem Chris Paul Varsity Jacket

Original price was: $185.00.Current price is: $159.00.

Mike Myers Austin Power Pinstripe Suit

Original price was: $199.00.Current price is: $135.00.

Luke Skywalker Beige Cotton Jacket

Original price was: $119.00.Current price is: $89.00.

Star Wars Luke Skywalker Jacket with Vest


Empire Strikes Back Han Solo Black Cotton Jacket

Original price was: $119.00.Current price is: $89.00.

Tony Stark Infinity War Grey Parachute Jacket

Original price was: $119.00.Current price is: $89.00.

Barry Allen Season 4 Flash Leather Jacket

Original price was: $169.00.Current price is: $129.00.

Loki 2023 Tie

Original price was: $89.00.Current price is: $55.00.

Resident Evil 2 Leon Kennedy Cotton Jacket

Original price was: $169.00.Current price is: $139.00.

Me Time 2022 Sonny Fisher Tracksuit

Original price was: $159.00.Current price is: $109.00.

Sonic The Hedgehog Brown Cotton Jacket


Batman Brown Distressed Trench Coat


Superfly Trevor Jackson Shearling Coat

Original price was: $194.00.Current price is: $154.00.

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