Leather Jacket Size Chart

If you’re new to buying a leather jacket or have experienced online jacket shopping before, finding the right jacket that fits you perfectly seems like a gamble. But there’s nothing to worry about; Skin Outfits gives you an accurate leather jacket size chart that solves all your online shopping experience with us. Our easy-to-follow chart is designed to help you find the perfect size for your jacket.

How To Choose Your Jacket Size 

Since we care for your convenience, we try to give you a leather jacket chart that leaves out all the complications. To choose your size, you must first follow our instructions, note your size in centimeters or inches and use a calculator to find your size in the US or international fitting. 

While you’re measuring your size, keep in mind to measure somebody’s parts accurately for perfect fitting. The most important one is the chest fitting, which is crucial in case you have a standard or regular body proportion. You may also consider the shoulder, sleeve, and jacket length.

Multiple Sizes For Everyone 

Even when you’ve determined your measurements, several charts make it difficult to follow a clear sizing. So understand that there are three main sizes: the US, International, and European. Skin Outfits delivers all the sizing catered to the customers from the US and Canada, meaning that we follow the US sizes for our leather jacket size chart

With that, we offer several sizing options for multiple fits so you never run out of options. Even if you think that the size tailored to your fitting is absent from the chart, contact us to have your size customized. We’re sure you would find the best thing you’re looking for. 

Types Of Jacket Fittings 

Skin Outfits provides you with basic charts for both men and women. You may check out respective charts to find your jacket size.

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