Best Celebrity Jackets for Halloween

The Perfect Celebrity Jackets for Halloween: Elevate Your Costume Game!

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Welcome to the spookiest season of the year! Halloween is just around the corner, and it's time to start planning your perfect costume. One surefire way to make a statement at any Halloween event is by choosing a celebrity jacket to enhance your costume. In this blog, we'll explore why celebrity jackets are the ideal choice for Halloween, how to find the perfect one, our top recommendations, styling tips, and the importance of quality and authenticity. Get ready to take your Halloween costume to the next level with celebrity jackets!

Why Choose Celebrity Jackets for Halloween?

Halloween is all about transformation and embodying your favorite characters. Celebrity jackets add a touch of authenticity and style to your costume. Whether you want to be a superhero, a rockstar, or a famous movie character, a celebrity jacket can instantly elevate your costume and make you stand out in the crowd.

Finding the Perfect Celebrity Jacket for Your Costume:

Before you start your quest for the ideal celebrity jacket, consider factors like your chosen character, budget, and the materials used in the jacket. We'll guide you through the process of finding the perfect fit for your costume, ensuring you look and feel like the celebrity you're emulating.

Top Celebrity Jacket Options for Halloween Costumes:

To help you get started, we've curated a list of the hottest celebrity jackets for Halloween costumes. From Spiderman's iconic suit to Captain Marvel's powerful look, Iron Man's sleek armor, and many more, we've got you covered. Explore our recommendations and find the perfect match for your costume.

Styling Tips to Elevate Your Costume Game:

Choosing the right jacket is just the beginning. To truly elevate your costume game, we'll share styling tips, including accessories, makeup, and hairstyling. These details can make a significant difference in how authentic and impressive your Halloween look becomes.

The Importance of Quality and Authenticity:

While it's tempting to opt for the cheapest option, quality and authenticity are key to making a lasting impression. We'll discuss why investing in a high-quality celebrity jacket is essential and how it ensures your costume is a cut above the rest.

Introducing SkinOutfits: Your Source for the Best Celebrity Jackets

For the ultimate celebrity jacket selection with free delivery and a 20% discount, visit SkinOutfits! We offer a wide range of celebrity-inspired jackets that will elevate your Halloween costume to the next level. Our collection includes iconic characters such as Spiderman, Captain America, Ben 10, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Megan Fox, Snoop Dogg, Taylor Swift, Loki, Wednesday Addams, Barbie, and many more. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to enhance your costume and save on your purchase.

Conclusion: Take Your Halloween Costume to the Next Level with Celebrity Jackets:

In conclusion, celebrity jackets are the perfect choice to enhance your Halloween costume. Their authenticity and style can transform you into your favorite character, making your costume memorable and Instagram-worthy. So, this Halloween, don't settle for ordinary – elevate your costume game with a top-notch celebrity jacket from SkinOutfits. Get ready to shine at Halloween events in the USA, Canada, and wherever Halloween is celebrated in high spirits.

sporting this winter

Jacket styles you should be sporting this winter

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The intricately yet delicate falling snowflakes herald the start of winters.

Like most of us, you might be thinking about digging up those stash of full sleeve tops and leggings. Before burying yourself in those piles of clothes to fish out layers and layers of clothes.

Hear us out.

Layering is an art, and you need to be smart about it. With the leather jacket styles mentioned below, you sure can set fire to the fashion scene.

But wait, are you worried about the fire?

Snow can quell it (hehehe).

The best ones you should be going for

Well, now that we have discussed what to avoid this winter, let's talk about the jackets that you must get for this winter, shall we?

Bomber leather jackets

Bomber leather jackets

Bomber leather jackets

Bomber jackets for men have a separate class. They add charisma and the perfect charm.


Biker leather jackets

Now, imagine how fantastic bomber leather jackets would look. It is a cropped body featuring fitted waists and cuffs and a central zip with pockets in the front. It will enhance your figure and give you the curves just in the right places. (wink)

Biker leather jackets

Yes, they were initially made for bikers.

No, they aren't only for bikers.

You can rock these bad boys in the winter just as you like it while giving off that bad boy vibe. You can pull it off with slim jeans and enjoy yourself a youthful and sexy look.

Fur leather jackets

Fur Jacket

Fur leather jackets

Think about it: fur in the winter. Just thinking about it makes me get goosebumps.

Fur in the winter just makes you feel all comfortable and cozy, doesn't it? Imagine how much they would be when you actually wear them.

Keeping you warm and keeping you stylish – all with the help of some fur and leather.

So, why the wait? Go grab a cute fur leather jacket and show everyone what you are all about.

Leather blazer

Harley Jacket

Leather blazer

Combine blazer with leather, and you got yourself a leather blazer.

Blazer is the perfect outwear to give you a formal look, and adding leather into it will just make it so much better – I can't emphasize enough.

For men and women both, this leather blazer will do magic for your appearance, and you will look smokin' hot while you get all your work done.

Black, brown, or red – grab any color you want and wear it to work in winter, looking like you own the place.

Things to keep in mind….

Although the excitement of wearing winter clothes, like jackets, is immense, you need to be careful not to pair or wear something that might not look the best.

It can get kind of frustrating and stressful to pair up the right pair of a jacket with the right pair of T-shirts and pants.

But you need not worry – I got all the types of leather jacket styles that you must avoid in order to be safe from the embarrassment you might face otherwise.

  1. Don't wear wrinkled clothes.

Whatever you do, do not wear any outfit without pressing it. Trust me, you need to do this, or else you will end up looking not so cool and might not show off a good impression.

Whether it is a jacket, a T-shirt, or your jeans or pants that you are wearing, make sure you press it.

Yeah, sometimes wrinkly clothes look good, but not with a jacket. So make sure you iron it and then rock it.

  1. Don't wear a shirt darker than the jacket.

Try to combine shirts and jackets of colors that actually go along with each other. Don't go with a shirt that has a darker tone than your jacket. Especially if you have a plain jacket, go with a plain light color shirt, and you'll look great.

  1. Experiment with new colors

Yes, going all black, maybe your backup outfit, or even your most liked outfit. Indeed, you can never go wrong with black, but what's wrong with trying out different colors?

Absolutely nothing.

Victoria Jacket

Victoria Moto Women Burgundy Jacket

Instead of going all black this winter, try exploring new colors and combinations that would look gorgeous. Why not go for winter-y colors?

The oozing warmth and the different colors will also help in cheering up your mood.

Like blue, emerald green, red with grey and black, tender mint and white, and so on.

When you have unlimited colors to explore, why restrict yourself to black only?

Here is one other fiery option you can opt for this winter.

Captain Jacket

Captain Marvel 2019 Costume Jacket

  1. Oversized jackets are the new cool

Bomber Jacket

Tom Hardy Dunkirk Farrier Shearling Bomber Leather Jacket

I'm pretty sure all of you have seen at least one person in your life wearing an oversized jacket. Now ask yourself and answer completely honestly, does it not look amazing? Is it not one of the best things you can keep in your wardrobe?

Going for an oversized jacket will not only make you look super cute and stylish, but you will also get the comfort and warmth you need in the freezing weather. That's right, a bonus!

Fitted jackets may look nice, but try exploring with oversized jackets; you won't regret it. This probably can be the most preferred amongst the leather jacket styles; you can make your go-to style!

  1. Shoes-showcase personality

Many times people neglect the importance of shoes in their outfit. If you are one of them, hear this: THEY ARE IMPORTANT.

Your shoes can really make your outfit. If you wear an eye-catching outfit, but your shoes don't fit, it will be a bit off for your outfit.

Even with jackets, it is crucial to wear cute shoes. I would suggest going for some cute boots to add up to the already cute jacket style.

  1. Socks, socks, socks

Speaking of shoes, socks also matters when you are wearing boots with your jacket. Go for socks that will go along with your overall outfit, not just any socks you see lying around. And if possible, go for a plain one rather than the one that has designs on it.

  1. Try avoiding neckwear

Neckwear, generally, is a beautiful way of enhancing your look. But with jackets, it's a no-no. Control your urge to wear neckwear, and try going without any. Trust me, and it will look just as good.

If you decide to go for one, you might end up looking a little extra. Do you want that? If you are okay with it, then you do you.

But honestly, your jackets will be enough to give your outfit the enhancement.

Final thoughts

Now that winter is approaching, and you know what to do and what not to do, you have nothing to be afraid of. Armed with all the leather jackets styles, your excitement probably hit the all-time high right now, didn't it?

You are ready to go and pull off those cute outfit looks with jackets in winter while you enjoy the cozy and comfortable freezing weather.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab some jackets and cute shirts that you can pull off in winter, and you are good to go.

I would recommend checking out this website for some awesome leather jackets with amazing quality.

best leather jackets

Want to be the talk of the town? 7 best leather jackets to shop and own

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Sitting in your armchair and wondering what to wear to the party next?

Flabbergasted, while you sip on that martini, how could you make sure that your current wardrobe can help you rule the fashion roost?

Well, here is one simple hint, Leather jackets.

Yes, you heard it right, life sure can hand you lemons, sell them and buy a leather jacket from our suggestion of the best leather jackets to shop from.

Leather Jackets- your key to rule the fashion scene

If you don't have a leather jacket, you are really missing out. A leather jacket will be one of the most significant investments you will ever make in your life.

But before you go and buy yourself one, choose the type of leather jacket you will prefer. Don't worry, I got your back and got 7 best leather jackets to shop for so that you can rock.

Be the bomb with Bomber Jacket


Varsity Bomber Leather Jacket

I don't know about you, but I have heard of these jackets being worn by everyone, literally everyone. And honestly, it's no surprise.

This short outwear has a ribbed waistband and matching cuffs with a zipper front and four pockets at the top and the sides. Not only is it made from leather, but it can be made using nylon, cotton, and polyester.

Back in the day, these jackets were made to be worn and protect yourself in freezing weather. This is still the case now, but it has improved with time and now can be worn not only in frigid climates.

Their faux fur collars are usually made to provide you with some warmth and comfortability.

More popular than other types, bomber leather jackets have been worn by numerous celebrities and has become a fashion trend. So what are you waiting for?

Rock it out with the Biker jacket


Genuine Leather Biker Fashion Black Jacket For Men

As the name suggests, these are jackets worn by bikers. That's right. But that doesn't mean it is only restricted to them – no, no, nothing can stop you from wearing it. And nothing should.

These lovely leather jackets are made with premium quality leather ad have long sleeves, shirt style collar, zipper cuff, and armored shoulders. These are made to provide some safety to the bikers while they ride their bikes. They don't need to worry about their jackets; the only thing they should worry about is riding.

These jackets are a great way to enhance your outfit. All you have to do is slung them over your shoulder, and you are done.

And no, they are not only for men. All you women out there, don't be shy and get yourself a biker jacket.

One of the best types of leather jackets to get – comfortable and smokin' hot.

Show those toned muscles off with Slim-fit leather jacket


Victoria Brown Distressed Leather Jacket 

Maybe you have heard of this, and perhaps you haven't. But hey, now you have.

So, slim fit leather jackets. Evident from the name, these jackets will be fitted and tighter than a regular jacket that you have seen.

Guys, if you want to look buff and like you got an athletic build, this one is for you. People with a muscular body will definitely know this one. This gorgeous jacket will enhance your features, and you're ready to impress anyone or everyone.

What's better? It's lightweight. You don't have to feel like you got something heavy on you.

Sauve and classy with Double rider leather jacket

Comes under the category of a biker jacket but isn't less to not be its own category.

The double rider leather jacket is the ultimate jacket used for that bad boy look that you all look for. Its stylish and historic features will make you fall in love with this bad boy.

Although similar to the other leather jackets, it has still got its own style. It has an epaulet attached to its shoulder (inspired by military fashion). The belt on the waist is there to protect you from the wind. The jacket's asymmetrical zipper is something that will make this jacket the one you entirely and totally fall in love with.

The jacket gives an aesthetic vibe, which, let's be real, we all love.

Tom Cruise it with Flight jacket


Justice League Fur Collar Brown Bomber Leather Jacket 

It's pretty cool that almost all the jackets' names reveal what they are actually like and what they were meant to be.

So, the flight jackets were made for the pilots who had to travel in airplanes without the enclosed pit. Gradually, it evolved into the gorgeous piece of leather jacket that it is today.

Needless to say, it is the dad of all jackets. It's bulky and provides you with the right warmth that you may need.

Just wear a straight trouser and a T-shirt with this jacket on top, and you're good to go.

Sober and Sultry with Field Jacket


Sex Education Otis Milburn Jacket

Field jackets – a very underrated classic, in my opinion.

Initially rendered in a cotton drill fabric, this jacket is now available in leather as well. It is longer than the other styles that we have seen and mentioned and has multiple front pockets and a belt at the waist.

This jacket will not only enhance your appearance but will give you the comfort and shield from various elements.

And if you ask me, it looks especially good in the brown color.

It's the perfect style to have in winter, and even better if you live somewhere in the countryside. Get yourself fitted jeans and a cute pair of boots with this field jacket on top, and you will be looking the best you ever did.

Faux leather jackets-setting you apart


Power Rangers RPM Flynn Jacket

This animal-friendly jacket isn't made from the leather to protect those precious little animals. So if you are looking for something animal-friendly, this is for you.

Although it won't be as good as the real leather (of course), it is not horrible.

It is thinner, which is excellent if you don't want something heavy and will allow you to breathe and not drown you in your own sweat. It will also probably not last as long as a real leather jacket would.

Obviously, nothing can compare to the feel of the real leather jacket, but this faux leather jacket can come slightly close to it and is much more weather-resistant and will keep you warm.

Final thoughts

Now that you know which are the best leather jackets to shop and best leather jacket styles, you are ready to go and get yourself one. Or if you already have them, you are prepared to choose the best one out of them to go out and get everyone's head-turning and their mouths talking about you.

Besides, any type of leather jacket you wear, they are always going to look good. So what are you waiting for?

Coolest Jackets

Coolest Jackets For Men And Women To Stay Trendy

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Jackets! Ah, those divine pieces of clothing.

But, wait,

Are you imagining fireplaces, coffee mugs, and roasted marshmallows?

Please stop, right there and then.

Jackets are not particular to winters alone; they can be worn all year round. The only thing is you need to know the trick to pair them right and the ones you should be opting for.

Jackets have that intrinsic quality of making everything, and everyone looks good.

The best part?

You actually don't need to make many efforts. (hehe, I see the smirk)

Jackets that say Chic and Classy all year round

Do you want to grab a jacket to throw on top of your outfit to make you look ten times cooler and ten times sexier?

If yes, keep reading…

Since you have made the decision to get yourself a jacket, I got a list of the coolest jackets for men and women to choose one from and rock it:

Bomber jacket

Bomber Jackets

With elastic waists and cuffs, this short jacket is the perfect jacket for you to give a good impression and stay in fashion. It is the epitome of cool, trust me.

Mostly made in leather, they also come in nylon, polyester, and cotton.

This fabulous jacket was initially made to keep the pilots warm, but look how much it has evolved now; you see them everywhere on everyone looking absolutely dashing.

Spice up your already hot outfit with this bomber jacket, and you will stay in everyone's mind in no time.

Denim jackets

denim jacketsDenim Jackets

I think we can all agree that denim is, without a doubt, one of the best things you can ever get. Not having a denim outfit, whether it is a jacket or pants, is just absolute madness.

Denim has got the talent of making everything look good – literally everything. Not even exaggerating.

The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear denim must be blue, right? Well, I got news for you; denim can come in other colors as well, giving you a variety to choose from.

And yes, they come in leather as well. Leather plus denim equal to the best combination ever, am I right?

These unique and fashionable jackets will give you the confidence that you need.

Biker jackets

Biker jacketsBiker Jackets

I know what you are thinking; no, you do not need to be a biker to wear these sexy jackets. You can wear them whether you are a biker or a walker.

These short and close-fitting jackets have silver hardware on them, like zips and studs. One of the coolest jackets for men.

These fabulous biker jackets come in black leather (leather again!) to give your outfit the perfect addition. I mean, after all, you can never go wrong with black, can you?

But hey, if you are not a fan of black, they come in other colors too, like red. You can rock them off just as good as the black ones.
Get yourself a biker jacket and some attitude, and you're good to go.

Fur jackets

Fur JacketsFur Jackets

Those furs can make your experience so comfortable that you would never want to take them off.

s fur will make your jackets color pop out while giving your outfit the look it needs.

Just to let you know, these are not only for women. All you men out there, go get yourself this masterpiece and flaunt it in front of the world. Yep, you heard that right – this is the coolest jacket for men and women



The perfect jacket to wear to keep yourself warm and happy in the winter. Happy how? Well, why won't you be happy and satisfied when you are comfortable and warm in the freezing weather but not compromising on your look?

They are designed to be worn on top of your indoor clothing and give you the warmth you need. Easy to pair with literally every single thing.

And no, they are not only for the winter. Why waste the opportunity to flaunt these timeless pieces every season and look the absolute best you have?

Trench coat

Trench coatTrench Coat

What comes to your mind when you think of a trench coat? Rain? Yeah, same.

But guess what? These waterproof coats will not only protect you from the raindrops but will save you from looking like a mess, seriously.

While the fashion and trends have changed, these trench coats have not gone out of style – for women and men. And honestly, why not? These fantastic-looking coats are not only a delight to wear, but they are useful too. Double pros!

You already know what I'm about to say; they come in leather as well. And, in case you haven't guessed already, leather is absolutely perfect for the jackets you can wear.

How To Revamp Your Style – A Brief Guide

How To Revamp Your Style – A Brief Guide

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Your clothes speak volumes about your personality. A great wardrobe and great style do not mean you need to invest in a truckload of expensive clothes and accessories. What makes a great wardrobe are well-chosen and well-thought-out items that fit your lifestyle, taste, requirements, and budget. Revamping your wardrobe is an exciting endeavor and not as intimidating as some may perceive it to be. All you need is a little bit of guidance on how to do it right. Luckily, we are here to help. The following is a brief guide on how you can revamp your style and your life.
  • Classic Over Contemporary

Trends are fun, yes, but keeping up with them is exhausting, to say the least. Contemporary fashion is disposable. Your style should lean more towards timelessness as opposed to trendiness. Revamp your style by opting for classic fashion picks over contemporary ones. Not only is this practice easier on your wallet but also on the environment as well. Your beauty is timeless, as should be your style.  
Theron Atomic Blonde Charlize Coat

Buy The Theron Atomic Blonde Charlize Coat - for only $159.00

Chloe Decker Lucifer Coat

Get this Classic Chloe Decker Inspired Coat!

Perfect examples of versatile and classic pieces are the Chloe Decker Lucifer Coat and the Theron Atomic Blonde Charlize Coat from SkinOutfits. Style them with something as simple as a pair of everyday denim and a plain white tee and you are ready to head out the door. Coats in fact are so versatile you can sport them over anything from a dress to formal wear even.
  • Declutter The Mess

We all own way too many clothes for our own good. Digging out the one item stuffed between a thousand other pieces you never actually wear is an exhausting feat. When things exceed your control, you know it is time to declutter your closet. Parting with belongings is tough, but it has to be done. Get the out-of-season items out of the way and store them in boxes. Give away the clothes you have not worn in over a year or more. Decluttering not only makes space in your closet but in your mind as well. No one likes a messy space.
  • Go Big Or Go Home

We all dream of dressing in bold colors, eccentric prints, and larger than life silhouettes. Well, if you wish to revamp your style, stop dreaming, and start acting. Step out of your comfort zone and try on that multicolored sequin jacket and those red knee-high leather boots. You do not have to stray too far from your personal style. Maybe just amp it up a little. Add some color or sparkle to your ensemble. Dress to impress. Go big, go brave, and go bold; it is now or never.

Purple Trench Long Coat - Shop Now!

If you are looking to experiment, try your luck with our Gothic Purple Trench Long Coat. The thing with bold pieces is that you must allow them to have the spotlight. Make sure to style them in a way that they stand apart from everything else. The simplest way to ensure a killer look is to sport it with a monochrome outfit.
  • Ditch Fast Fashion

Fast fashion may seem affordable, but not in the long run. While the price tag on fast fashion picks is not as heavy on the pocket, it is on the planet. It is our responsibility to be mindful of the choices we make and how they may impact our home i.e., Mother Nature. While it may seem that our individual actions could not possibly affect the greater world, but it does. Ditch fast fashion and opt for sustainable fashion instead. These timeless pieces are not only environmentally beneficial, but they are also incredibly chic and stylish. Make sustainability a priority.
Womens Victoria Brown Distressed Leather Jacket

Try out this Victoria Brown Distressed Leather Jacket!

An excellent pick is our timeless Victoria Brown Distressed Leather Jacket. A brown leather jacket is probably the most versatile outerwear item you can invest it. Wear it over a pair of worn-out jeans and a tank top, over a skirt or dress, or perhaps with a crisp button-down cotton shirt and tailored dress pants; the options are endless.
  • Seek Inspiration

We are all about flaunting your own personal style. However, finding your personal style task is no easy task. Make the process easier. Seek inspiration from your fashion idols to channel creativity in your everyday style. Look into famous style icons, watch old Hollywood classic films, simply browse through Instagram and Pinterest, or flip through magazines. Find a style icon that embodies your style aspirations.
  • Experiment With New Pairings

If there is one way to update your style without trying too hard or splurging your savings, it is by experimenting with new pairings. Mixing and matching may seem like an arduous ordeal. It is easy to get into a style rut, but it is equally easy to come out of one. Seek inspiration online and try out different pairings to see what works. Try mixing different colors, prints, and styles, to create entirely new outfits out of things lying in your closet. Use accessories wisely to spice up your look because they pack on a greater punch and a less expensive way to make your everyday attire look new.
Fantastic Beasts Queenie Coat

Get This Beasts Queenie Coat at Great Prize

If you wish to experiment with new out-of-the-box designs, opt for something like SkinOutfit’s Fantastic Beasts Queenie Coat. Mixing and matching with different designs is a process, to say the least. Try out different options. If something does not work with a dress, try it over jeans or shorts even. See what works and use it.
  • Throw On Some Jewelry

Jewelry is the easiest way to amp up your look. Much like your shoes, bag, and clothes, jewelry is an essential accessory. The only difference with jewelry is that it requires a little more thinking. Know what piece of jewelry works with what kind of outfit. Try mixing your metals. Transform your basic everyday looks into something special with a little bit of bling. Whether it is a pair of statement earrings, an eye-catching necklace, or a stunning piece of arm candy, jewelry never disappoints.
  • Forget Past Fashion Faux Pas

It is 2020; it is time to let go of old fashion faux pas. Gone are the days of fashion do's and don'ts because today's fashion embraces individuality and creative freedom. Wear what you think looks best when you think it works best. You should dress for yourself and head out in whatever makes you feel gorgeous. Fashion has no rules. Make your own style.
  • Conclusion

Revamping your style is not as hard as it may seem. To put it simply, just do what you want. In the process, however, remember to take care of yourself. Self-care is a critical component of your style. Another thing to remember is to flaunt what you wear with confidence. After all, there is nothing quite as stunning as a woman who struts her stuff with confidence and poise. Keep an eye out for exciting new offers at SkinOutfits.
casual wear ideas

Casual Wear Ideas – 6 Ways To Dress Casual But Classy

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Wearing casual outfits with style can be a challenge, particularly for those who are new to fashion. Casual wear is simple, comfortable, versatile, relaxed, and fuss-free. The trick to wearing classy casual clothing is in the details. You must ensure that everything is simple, neat, and clean. Make sure that the clothes’ colors and patterns are balanced, and all items are wrinkle-free. If you are feeling overwhelmed, don’t. We are here to make the learning process easier for you.

Wear classic fabrics

Adding classic and timeless clothing made of durable materials is critical if you wish to dress classy. Your essential wardrobe should be full of traditional fabrics that have stood the test of time. These include cotton, wool, linen, and silk. Items made of these fabrics give off a classy vibe all on their own. Just be sure to take care of the fabric well to guarantee longevity.
Hannah Quinlivan Skyscraper Black Leather Jacket

Buy this amazing Hannah Quinlivan Skyscraper Black Leather Jacket

A classic fabric that does not get talked about as much is leather. Nothing compares to leather, and the best way to wear it is in the form of a jacket. Try the Hannah Quinlivan Skyscraper Black Leather Jacket or the Martha Women Fitted Brown Leather Jacket at SkinOutfits. Classic pieces work best with classic pieces but you can always switch things up with something contemporary for a fusion look. A black leather jacket looks great with something simple like a retro polka dot dress or a pair of classic camel pants and a button-down shirt. It works equally well with something trendy like distressed jeans, jogger pants, or perhaps even a t-shirt dress. The same rules apply for a brown leather jacket. Find your favorite at SkinOutfits.

When in doubt, go neutral

Bold patterns and prints most definitely work on most occasions, but if you wish to look classy and sophisticated, always opt for neutrals without hesitation. Opting for neutrals does not mean your outfits have to be boring. You do not have to dress head-to-toe in black. Add small accents that can transform a basic everyday ensemble into something eye-catching, like a trendy snake print bag, a stunning scarf, or a pair of red heels.
Chloe Decker Lucifer Coat

the classic Chloe decker lucifer coat

Opt for a neutral coat as it guarantees the most versatility and use. Take a look at the stunning Chloe Decker Lucifer Coat at SkinOutfits. Style it over anything ranging from a flirty chiffon dress and a silk skirt and blouse to leather pants and a button-down dress shirt. You really cannot go wrong with a timeless neutral coat like this one Wear the perfect fit Classy clothing is typically form-fitting and tailored, i.e., it is not too tight, but fits in a way that you can flaunt your figure. Your skirts should end just above or below your knee, as should your dresses. Your sleeves should end at your wrist. The trousers should be straight, slightly wide, and should be half an inch off the floor. Blazers, tops, and sweaters should follow the curve of your waist. While getting custom-made clothes is not budget-friendly, we suggest going to a local dressmaker or tailor to get your clothes altered to fit you properly. If you are feeling hesitant, remember that good quality clothes will last for years, and the alterations are cheap.

Keep it modest

gothic purple trench coat

Get this purple trench coat in just $119.00

The classy dressing is modest. There are no miniskirts, midriff-baring tops, or deep necklines. Classy dressing involves primarily collared, boat neck, crew neck, or short V-necklines. For formal occasions, sweetheart, and halter necklines work beautifully. It is best to keep your cleavage covered. The armholes on your blouses and dresses should not reveal your bra. The hem length on skirts and dresses should be just above or below the knee. If you are searching for a classy yet modest coat, look at SkinOutfits’ Gothic Purple Trench Long Coat. This purple coat is the stuff of dreams. Drape it over an everyday outfit like blue jeans and a white tee, a trusty little black dress, or maybe even a fabulous midi skirt and lace blouse.

Keep it minimal with accessories

Simple jewelry is your safest and best bet when aiming for a casual yet classy look. We recommend small hoops, studs, bangles, watches, pendants, pearls, or a diamond solitaire. Another great accessory is a scarf. Scarves are an excellent way to add color and visual interest to a simple outfit. A bright scarf can change up your whole look. Experiment with different colors and fabrics, but our personal favorites are cotton, silk, and wool. Florals, stripes, abstracts, and solids are great pattern options to play with. The last but not the least is your shoes. Pumps, ballet flats, heels, or boots in solid neutral tones, such as beige, navy, white, nude, or black, are your best bet as they all pair well with a multitude of outfits. This way, you will not have to break the bank for shoes.

Pay attention to hair and makeup

To dress classy and sophisticated, make sure to spend a little time styling your hair and doing your makeup. If you are short on time in the mornings or simply do not like styling your hair, opt for an easy haircut or a haircut that can style quickly. Opt for a sleek bun, ponytail, or a polished low bun on most days, and they keep your hair in place and give a clean overall look. Find a hairstyle that flatters you and is easy for you to style daily. A little makeup makes all the difference in the world. Put on some mascara, add a flush of color with blush to bring some life, and add dimension to your face with some bronzer. Wear a bold lip for a fun pop of color. Subtle yet statement, these details make a massive difference to your overall look.

 Parting Thoughts

Casual wear may seem like the easiest one to perfect, but it is harder than it looks. Classy styling is timeless. You can wear casual, classy outfits to work, brunch, shopping, or even travel. Dressing classy is not difficult; however, it takes some time to perfect and blend in with your personal style aesthetic. Do not automatically rebate the clothing you already have in your wardrobe because you might just be able to integrate items in ways you did not think of earlier. Use our guide to dressing casually with class. Seek inspiration and create your own custom classy casual look every day. Keep an eye out for new designs and deals at SkinOutfits.
body measuring guide

Hit The Fashion’s Bull’s Eye With Our Body Measuring Guide

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Scrolling through the internet because there is a  flash sale going on, too good to be ignored,

"Oh, this looks great, price is crazy cheap, and reviews are amazing too."

Though, before adding to the cart, there is one task left: choosing your size.

Um, a little confused about what size you wear? Or that maybe the size chart of that e-store varies from the one you usually buy from?

This body measuring guide aims to help all such confused souls;

Know the measurement scales of a few essential closet items and find clothes that are your exact fits.

Keep your paper, pencil, and a body measuring tape- and maybe a friend- ready, and let's get started.

Must-haves for Men Dressing

Formal Suit

formal suitFormal suits are vital, especially if you plan to rule the world with your allure, confidence, and charms.

To select the perfect suit jacket that fits you like your skin and has you looking like a complete debonair, you begin with your chest measurements.

  • Stand straight with your arms hanging straight at your sides.
  • Measure the fullest area of your chest, below your underarms
  • Have the measuring tape parallel to the ground
  • Add an inch to the measurement in case you'd prefer a slightly loose-fitting.
  • This is your jacket size.

formal suitMoving to what your ideal formal dress pant size is,

You don't know? Not anymore; let our body measuring guide help you find out.

First, follow the pointers below and measure your waist.

  • Bend to one side and see the area where your waist creases.
  • Measure around your waist in this area- it's just below your navel.
  • Have the measuring tape parallel to the floor and hugging your skin- not too tight and never too loose.

Step two is that you know what drop you prefer. It's the difference between the number you got from your chest measurement and your pant size.

After this, all you are left with is to have your tailor add a break.

  • Full break: Hem of the pants reaches the top of your shoes' heels. Very elegant
  • Half break: Hem of the pants covers half of the back of your shoes. A chic look
  • No break: Hem of the pants ends above the shoes. Make sure you wear some super classy socks.

Leather Jacket

Biker Fashion Brown Genuine Leather Jacket For Men

A well fitted biker leather jacket for men in just $159.00

A mighty precious investment in clothing is a good leather jacket.

Snug to wear, iconic in style- oh and not to mention that distinct leathery scent. Wear the all-time-trending Brown biker leather jacket and be the star of the night. Ooze that hidden David Gandy's masculine and rugged charisma.

Know that size is essential for jackets- to display your muscles and emphasize on your broad shoulders.

Here's how to find your dream jacket:

  • For the chest, measure around the fullest area of your chest
  • Measure from the corner of your shoulder to the other shoulder for the shoulder-to-shoulder size.
  • For the waist size, measure the slimmest part of your waistline
  • Lastly, to see your hip size, measure the most filled-up part of your hips.

Jeansjean size

Next up in our body measuring guide,

The highlight of every man's wardrobe: a pair of good jeans. Form-hugging, deluxe-looking, and comfort-bearing; all qualities of a pair of jeans stitched just for you.

Want to find one for yourself? We'll tell you how.

  • Measure your waist size above the hipbone over your shirt- but not over your pants.
  • Have the measuring tape snug and cozy- not too light, though.
  • Measure your inseam: stand straight with legs 6 inches apart.
  • Measure the inside of your leg- from the crotch to the bottom of your ankle.
  • Pro-tip: You're on the borderline, stuck between two sizes, go for the larger one. Trust us!

Must-haves for Women Dressing


jeans size womenLadies, drill it in your minds,

Good jeans take you to great places. Why not? Flaunt your goods and build your confidence with the perfect fit for you.

We'll guide you for the next time you're stuck looking at size charts, feeling as if you're reading some foreign language. Trust us, and it's just three steps:

  • Measure your natural waistline to get the waist size.
  • For the inner leg, measure from the top of the inner thigh at the crotch, till your ankle bone.
  • For the hip, simply measure the fullest part of your hips.


skirt size

Sexy, snug, and soft; skirts are women's best soul mates. Go from ordinary to extraordinary with just a pair of pretty and elegant skirts. Steal hearts left and right as you slay a skirt like a true princess.

Though, before that, you've got to know what the right size of the skirt is for you. Too long or too short of a skirt will underwhelm our overall attire, and we don't want that now, do we? Measure skirt like a true seamstress in 2 quick steps, according to our body measuring guide:

  • For the waist size, measure around your natural waistline.
  • For the hip size, measure 20 cm down from your natural waistline.

Leather Jackets

Womens Victoria Brown Distressed Leather Jacket

The Classic Victoria Distressed Leather Jacket at Great Price

Classic comfort is what a leather jacket brings to women. Unbeatable class, poise, and glamour,

That's what you get and more, as you adorn a deluxe Victoria Brown Distressed leather jacket on.

But some ray-bans on and be the royalty of the event, because we will guide you on how to pick a jacket meant for your body:

  • For the chest measurement, stand straight and have your friend measure around your chest area. Ideally, add another inch if you're going for a little loose fit. (Avoid this if you're going for a total bombshell-look though)
  • For hip measurement, measure around the fullest part of your buttocks.
  • For the height size, take off your shoes, stand straight and then measure, from head to toe.

Final Word

By now, we do hope size charts and measurements do not seem like alien languages to you and that,

Our body measurement guide was a success.

Had fun cracking the Morse code of measuring? We certainly did, teaching you the simple steps. Order your closet must-haves right away and face no issue in online shopping anymore!

men's fashion

Be A Class Apart With The Classy Men’s Fashion Guide

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Oh, you’ve got a hot date night? Can’t wait to make your partner drool? Or, There you are, mind running like crazy, planning for an outfit for the Monday meeting. Need pointers to dress with confidence never seen before as you charm the clients?

Dress to Impress - Your Essential Guide

Be it a closet transformation or dressing to charm your audience and making lasting impressions, This guide offers you everything. Check out our best three wardrobe must-haves. Because you deserve everything best, let us also offer you how to slay these essentials. No, no, fret not. You need not have six zeros as your bank balance to make this happen. A little bit of a strategic play, a few editions in your closet- the economic kind, don’t worry. And you will be the man of the hour as you head out to make glamorous statements. When we say this, men’s fashion guide is just what you need to make wonders happen; we mean it. Stay with us and find out yourself.

Cool Casuals for the win (include a hoodie, t-shirt)

Clay Jensen Hoodie

The Clay Hensen hoodie in just $49.00

First things first, Great style means excellent comfort. You can’t possibly feel uncomfortable and restless if you’re planning to carry an urbane air around you, right? This brings us to the first essential in our men’s fashion guide: a hoodie- to be more specific - The classic Blue 13 Reason Why Clay Jensen Hoodie. Apart from the fact that it is dark blue and a hoodie- We mean, these alone are legit enough reasons, no!? Anyways, this hoodie also symbolizes the legendary character of Clay in TV hit series 13 Reasons Why. Look like the kind of guy girls are oh-so attracted to, a man with a good heart, loyal and loving fearlessly. Look neat and put-together without even trying much- an ideal guy for ladies we’d say. (We see your interest piquing now…) The super-soft and snug viscose material is a deal sealer. Keeps you cozy in breezy nights and feel fashionable during daylight. The front zipper pockets do not fail to enhance the brooding and masculine vibes further. Want to have ladies gawking and drooling over you as you flaunt this hoodie? We’ll tell you how. See, looking alluring is that simple. Wear may be a silver ring, a leather bracelet, or a fancy watch. That’s more than enough to make your attire look Instagram-worthy.

Forever Leather no matter what Weather

biker jacket for men

Get this Classic jacket at a great price- Discount available!

Nothing, and we mean nothing, can beat the snazzy upscale class some reasonable leather offers. Invest in a dapper leather jacket and enjoy the perks for life. Hence, second up in our list for men’s fashion guide is an all-time favorite: A Genuine Leather Biker Fashion Black Jacket- the epitome of versatility. Trust us, a jacket is your best man to wow the crowd and display your exquisite tastes. Plus, a chance to boost your charismatic persona must never be missed, right? Not only does this classic black piece of leather go like a pro with every color, but you can also become the star of any and every kind of occasion. Be it a wild party night or a family get together. Pair it up with some luxurious oxford, and see how you master even the business casual look like a pro. Scale up your style-o meter with those zipper pockets, tuck your hands in some fitted jeans and saunter looking all suave and elegant. How? One word: monochromes. Sounds dull? Nah, let us prove to you otherwise.
  • Black cotton t-shirt
  • Black skinny jeans
  • Genuine Leather Biker Fashion Black Jacket for Men
  • Black Baseball cap
  • Black Ray-bans
  • White Canvas
Oomph, here comes the next cover model for Vogue.

Coffee to Brighten your Life

Nikolaj Coster Waldau Game of Thrones Coat

Buy this Nikolaj Coster Coat Now!

Sure, black is an exceptional and ageless art- anything in black in the fashion world is sure to stay trending for life. But, you know the other color palette neck-to-neck with the majestic black? Is there even such a thing?! Nude collection, yes; this color scheme isn’t just an asset for women dressing, but is a show stopper in the world of men dressing too. Reasons why you need to make space for a coffee crème coat in your wardrobe right now. Hence, to leave the crowd wholly enchanted by your appearance, To steal the light the next time you’re planning to threaten the careers of all top-paid models, Our men’s fashion guide comes bearing a precious gift: the coffee cream-colored Nikolaj Coster Waldau Game of Thrones Coat. The epitome of a sexy elegance, swanky and dashing, this jacket’s color alone is enough to bring serenity to you. Feel pampered due to the smooth and soft touch of the coat. The detailed designing offers such a vintage yet contemporary look- a love child of ancient times and 2020s. Nothing will stop you from becoming the most adored man for the ladies. Feel like royalty as you certainly shall look majestic. Be the limelight of formal occasions, and have your audience fighting your attention. Want to look like a total stunner? Take notes:
  • Black Crewneck
  • Black Dress Pants
  • Nikolaj Coster Waldau Game of Thrones Coat
  • Black Leather Jodhpurs
Cheers to the most polished man of the evening.

Final Word

As our men’s fashion guide comes to an end, we offer you a quick shortlist. We have provided you with ideas to master the three most important kinds of attires- casuals, formals, and semi-formals. What your next plan of action is? Now is the time you search through your closet, see what of these must-haves you already own. You have all of them already? You’re one step closer to sprucing yourself up for the upcoming event. Are some things missing from your closet? No big deal, it just means some… “Drum rolls.” Shopping time. Look out for sales and deals at Skinoutfits, see what’s chic and buy the trendy goodies.  Best of luck!
how to dress like a celebrity

How to dress Like a Celebrity And Rule The Fashion Clan?

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Click. Snap. Shot.

Saunter like a celeb, imagine the cameras clicking ferociously. Feel the paparazzi drooling over your attire. Make heads turn and leave people stunned by your feigned modesty-

You know everyone’s drooling over how glamorous you look.

But then you hear something…

Ring ring…

The sound of your alarm clock- oh, it’s time to wake up. Oh, what a beautiful dream.

Although it doesn’t have to remain a dream, here’s your chance to turn your wish into reality.

Ladies and gents welcome on board to your crash course on how to dress like a celebrity. Learn to be flamboyant and charm the audience; that too on a budget not very celeb-like. Sounds good? Perfect.

Long Coats to make Statement

long coat

Make it Simple, but significant! ~ Don Draper

Do you have a hangout with your friends, but are in no mood to plan out a decent enough outfit? Though, somewhere in your heart, you still want to look fabulous, hot, and intriguing like Cara Delavigne?

Have no fear, and we are here. We’ll tell you how to dress like a celebrity as you put in bare minimum efforts.

Don a long coat for lasting impressions. We suggest having it in a color that works like a charm all around the year- beige. Soft to the eye and cool to the heart, this color alone has powers to attract attention like moths to flames. Plus, beige being the hot item in the fashion world is just the cherry on top.

Pair it up a tucked-in blouse, ripped ice blue jeans, a bright white canvas, and maybe a charm necklace. Prepare to set fire wherever you go, girl.

Leather Jackets as men’s new best friends

mens jacket

get your perfect men's leather jackets now!

Are you rummaging through their closets, because they want to run errands with that laid back casualness yet still look posh and exquisite? Fret not for we’ll give you a simple hack on how to dress like a celebrity in no time.

Put on a leather jacket the next time you’re heading out. Be it on sluggish Sundays or mundane Mondays. A leather jacket is what you wear to go from terrible to terrific, alright?

Please stay in the limelight because your audience will be unable to stop themselves from gawking at your iconic yet snug attire.

We say you opt for a relaxed look. Adorn a black t-shirt with baggy black pants. Some sneakers and a trendy leather jacket later, you are ready to lash out those tantalizing charms. To give a slightly mysterious look, add in some ray-bans and a baseball cap.

Oh boy, a complete knockout look we’d wager.

Monochromes are precious assets

monochrome dress

"SIMPLICITY is the keynote of all true elegance" ~ Coco Chanel

Beautify yourself by wearing the same color from top to bottom. That’s what is trending and what you’ll see your favorite celebrities acting like pros.

Painting yourself in the same hue is, hands down, one of the most iconic looks of all times. A 2 piece watermelon button-down shirt and pants is a complete stunner. Pair it up with a classy handbag that screams grace and elegance.

Go light on jewelry; a pair of cream-colored pearl tops is more than enough. Leave your hair natural and down, wavy strands caressing your face as a breeze passes through. Complete the look with some pencil heels or covered pumps, and you’re the next cover of Vogue, trust us.

Footwear as Your Identity

women shoes

"A woman with good shoes is never ugly"

To look like the next Victoria Secret’s model, fill up your shoe closet with a nude color. From light to dark tones, everything brown and skin. Not only do they look perfect with all colors of clothes you can own, but the shades are also ageless arts.

Pairing them with black outfits, or ripped shorts and white crop tops seals the deal. Some hoops on your ears, a leather cross-body on the side, and oomph,

Everybody, make way for an enchantress, please.


Shoes speak louder than words!

Sometimes, though, heels can get a little too much,

Even our Wonder woman isn’t prone to living her life in 6-inch heels and,

Is seen numerous times to sporting a pair of comfy and trendy pair of sneakers.

Best for when you’ve got a hectic day ahead of you; make them the stars as you wear them alongside whatever outfit you wish to.

Be it with a short black frock or fitted jeans and shirt, match a stylish handbag or shoulder bag, and a hint of jewelry. Pro-tip: dainty accessories work the best, like charm bracelets, tinkling earrings, and acute heart necklace.

Accessories to transform ordinary into extraordinary


complete your outfit with the right accessories!

Being attractive and fashionable isn’t just about drowning yourselves with luxurious brands and deluxe clothes. No, celebs know how to dress strategically.

Sure, you can expect them to slay designer-made high profile and limited edition attires. But, in their normal daily lives, this isn’t the case.

They know how to play with accessories.

Be it Zac Efron, Ryan Reynolds, or Channing Tatum, and you name them. Observe their ensembles as they take to streets when they aren’t busy with heavy schedules. They keep things snug but make use of some of their must-wear accessories to maintain their charisma.

Often, less is more. You may be wearing a plain cotton white t-shirt and grey shorts. But match them up with a vintage watch, a matching belt, and some sunglasses. Boy, the crowd won’t know what hit them.

Don’t go over the board with your watch. A simple, classy, and voguish one is all it takes to make all the difference.

Tada. That was quite a chill hack for all the fashion geeks looking for how to dress like a celebrity, no?

Ending Thoughts

You do not need six zeros in your bank accounts to get that ideal celeb-inspired wardrobe. What you require, however, are creative hacks and keeping up with the contemporary styling trends, that’s all.

The next time you’re sitting and wondering on how to dress like a celebrity, feel attractive, and the showstopper of the night, you know just what guide to consulting to. Good luck getting away from envious eyes as they wish they looked half as smashing as you!